equine fitness
has never been
so easy

The use of heart and speed information is proven beyond doubt to provide more knowledge to the trainer than they would have otherwise known. This knowledge enables the trainer to make far more informed decisions resulting in MORE winners and less wastage.

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All in all, I thoroughly recommend the E Trakka program to anyone who is serious about training racehorses.

– Chris Waller


Accurately measure your equines speed and sectional times using world class GPS. The GPS unit works every single second of every single session.

Then, review later with the E-Trakka software.

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Heart Rate

Using an integrated heart rate monitor built into the saddle blanket, accurately keep track of your equines heart rate throughout every session.

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Easy to understand
accurate data

Multiple training sessions are automatically identified, analysed and stored in a database on the computer. The profiler then displays the information in an easy to read format. Training sessions can also be replayed and summary pages easily sent by email.

Importantly the E-Trakka system will greatly enhance the professionalism and training methods of the racehorse trainer resulting in MORE winners.

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