Gino Poletti

Gino Poletti Racing

July 15, 2014

E-Trakka with its ability to diagnose heart and motion and then correlate it to graph form really makes it easy for trainers to understand. I have been using E-Trakka for five years and have no hesitation in saying it has helped me to fine tune my training. Some of my horses that have benefited from… Read More

Chris Waller

Chris Waller Racing

July 14, 2014

I have been using E Trakka in my stable for the past two years and have found it to be a most useful training aid. With regular readings on horses in work I am able to get a line on their progression and level of fitness through any given preparation. Pre exercise heart rate variations… Read More

Fred Kersley


June 14, 2014

During my career firstly in the Standard bred industry and now in the Thoroughbred industry, I have always been keen to further my knowledge and keep an open mind as I believe you can always learn in horse racing. That is the reason I became interested in the Western Australian invention E-Trakka and purchased two… Read More

Dr Greg Fox

Veterinarian, Lexington Kentucky USA

June 16, 2013

This impressive system allows the racehorse trainer to monitor with remarkable precision the horse’s physiological response to training.