E-Trakka Blanket

Using the in-built GPS and heart-rate monitor, the E-Trakka® Saddle Blanket accurately records a horse’s speed, position, stride length and heart rate once every second during an exercise session. Many sessions (up to 50 hours of data) may be stored at any time.

The Saddle Blanket houses the GPS and heart rate equipment. All components are integrated in the blanket and will not interfere with the horse or rider. The saddle blanket stores the information which when convenient the data is transferred via radio or cable to a computer. The software program then presents easy to understand informative charts. Advanced mathematical algorithms also calculate meaningful fitness measurements.

The E-Trakka® Saddle Blanket and electronic components are designed using only the highest quality components to withstand the rigours of the racing or training stable. E-Trakka® uses a high end precise GPS system, which ensures extremely accurate speed and sectional readings.

E-Trakka® Saddle Blanket Key Features:

  • Designed by industry people
  • Can be used multiple times throughout the day
  • Robust high quality unit (military specification parts used)
  • Quality accurate data produced
  • Fits easily into the stable routine
  • Easy to use and operate