E-Trakka Features In Sport Techie

August 12, 2016

E-Trakka and Andrew Stuart were today the lead story in the technology and sports website Sporttechie, http://www.sporttechie.com/  Andrew describes the challenges and the process that 2020 Racehorse training encompasses to help educate an industry. He also describes what the future will look like and in particular how the trainers and staff will become more educated in… Read More

Three Great Horses

July 29, 2016

The video below introduces the E-Trakka profiles of the horse’s Scenic Blast, Pinker Pinker and No Wine No Song just before they won major world horse races. These horses won a combined total of 6.1 million dollars with Scenic Blast winning the King Stand Stakes in the UK and Pinker Pinker the WS Cox Plate…. Read More

2020 in practice.

July 25, 2016

Below is a demonstration of the 2020 Racehorse Training methodology in practice, using a comparison of two horses, a successful stayer and a slow horse. By seeing this video you should then understand what is meant by 2020 Racehorse Training. This video more demonstrates the process of 2020 rather than intensive facts. There will be… Read More


July 25, 2016

The download “2020 The Key Assets of an Equine Athlete” is an important first step in understanding 2020 Racehorse Training and E-Trakka readings. It will guide you through a step x step thought process to help you better understand the physiological assets of a racehorse, and how they are interwoven in E-Trakka tracings. Download the… Read More