I am a trainer, how am I supposed to understand the E-Trakka® results?

E-Trakka® produces user friendly reports which can be easily understood and applied. Many trainers that have purchased E-trakka® receive a user’s guide and booklet which will help you get started. If you require additional help you can contact Equitronics for advice. Part of the power of E-Trakka is that it focuses on “fitness” and provides a real “snapshot in time”.

I get confused with computers. Can I use the software?

E-Trakka software is a very simple program to operate; many trainers with limited computer experience have learnt the program very quickly. Equitronics will ensure you understand and apply the results of the software and are on call to assist. The software has been tested on dozens of trainers to make sure it is a simple operation. Equitronics understand that trainers want stress free software operation.

Are the E-Trakka® electronics hard to use?

The saddle blanket operates with a simple on/off switch and then everything operates automatically. No configuration is necessary by the trainer. After a few simple steps E-Trakka works seamlessly within the stable. One of the strengths of E-Trakka® is its simplicity.

Are the results accurate?

The heart rate and speed results are very accurate, speed is one of the best functions of GPS and the heart rate is extremely accurate. E-trakka® has been field tested across many racetracks around the world. Early issues with equine heart rates have been overcome with modern electronics.

Will the equipment survive in the harsh environment that exists with horses?

One of E-Trakka’s® strengths is that it was designed by people that understand the industry. For instance the electronics are built in boxes that are used on ships and many components are of military specification. Equitronics understood that you could not provide a product of this nature that did not survive. Robust is the key word.