Good vs Bad charts

This chart shows the speed and heart rate of No Questions during a training session. It is one of the best readings recorded by E-TRAKKA® and represents a well trained horse with inherited ability. The reading was taken two and a half weeks before she won the group three, 1200m 100K Roma Cup. A very low heart rate during the early gallop, high peak speed and excellent recovery are all characteristics of successful race horses.



On E-TRAKKA® graphs, a low heart rate in relation to speed is typically represented by the lines being close together, indicating a fit horse which has performed well. E-TRAKKA® includes a special 8 minute chart which easily allows the trainer to identify the line relationship. These 8 minute charts are used in this to help understand the benefits of E-TRAKKA®.

Compare the heart rate line of No Question’s chart (top) to the chart of an unfit horse (left). Note the vastly higher trot rate and slower recovery rate in the unfit horse. The speed line (blue) also shows a dramatic difference in peak speed with No Questions reaching a remarkable 68.8kph compared to the unfit horse’s reading of barely over 60kph.


Speed and heart rate lines which run closely together as in No Question’s chart, are typical of a group horse. Where the lines run more widely apart and the heart rate does not follow the speed line, the horse is generally considered unfit.