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Benefits of Building Profiles with E-Trakka

By comparing graphs over a period of time, the trainer is able to build a profile of the horse’s development. Profiles allow the trainer to identify changes in fitness before they can be observed in the horse’s race performance, giving the trainer the ability to make good decisions about training and readiness for racing.

Takeover Target Showed Greatness Before Being Sold

Takeover Target was bought by hobby trainer Joe Janiak for just $1400 in 2003 as a tried horse. At the time this and many other horses had taken part in the testing program run by the E-Trakka® development team. During these early stages of the product’s development the software for identifying outstanding horses was still in its infancy. With hindsight we now see that the reading taken back in 2003 for Takeover Target showed not only that he performed like a group one horse, but that his extremely high VHRMax reading, (now widely known by E-Trakka® developers and users as the key to identifying horses with race winning potential), singled him out as a potential ‘super horse’.

As you can imagine, the E-Trakka® team look back and cry ‘If only…’. Had the technology that is available today been available in 2003, they could have picked up this outstanding horse for a song. Note the close lines relationship.

True to E-Trakka® predictions Takeover Target has gone on to be a proven multiple Group 1 performer in Australia and Japan. He has also won the Group 2 King’s Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot and as a result won the Global Sprint Challenge.

Relationship of Heart Rate to Speed using E-Trakka



The chart below demonstrates, the fitter the horse, the closer the lines are together. By comparing the heart rate and speed lines, the trainer is able to determine at a glance the fitness level of the horse. As a trainer you do not need to analyze charts.