Equitronics (ABN 62 108 419 343) research started in 1996 with testing in stables across Australia and the world. The first commercial E-Trakka unit was released onto the market in 2006. The technology and application as a training tool has been proven with many trainers now using E-Trakka each day to improve their training procedures. E-Trakka is manufactured in Australia and marketed around the world via a global distributor network. Components are of the highest quality possible. This ensures E-Trakka operates reliably has a long shelf life and withstands the rigours of the training track.

Quality and workmanship count in the rugged and demanding environment of the training track. The company is continually improving E-Trakka by having alliances with experienced people and companies that are specialists in their fields. We are continually working on product improvement, software development and further R&D. We also have extensive experience in equine fitness monitoring, racehorse training and the skills and ability to apply E-Trakka knowledge in the field.

Equitronics are the leaders in applying proven sports science concepts to the equine racing industries. We focus on the real world of Equine athletes “in the field”. We have now collected data from thousands of training sessions and will use this information to further enhance the trainer’s knowledge and professionalism. We aim to satisfy our customers and revolutionise the industry.

Vision Statement

Our Vision – To provide the horse training industry with quality fitness monitoring systems that enhance, educate and improve the professionalism of training the equine athlete. We will achieve this by:

  • Servicing and supporting our customers so that their investment in E-Trakka is returned many times over.
  • Continually researching and developing new technologies which will build on the revolutionary E-Trakka product.
  • Working with industry to develop equine fitness information and training so that individual trainers and the industry as a whole can improve by using, fitness and performance monitoring.