Having trained out of a number of different training locations in recent years, I’ve found it particularly difficult to get a gauge on different tracks and how much work horses are actually doing. Keeping track of heart rates and recoveries via E-Trakka has helped steer us in the right direction and program horses’ workloads more effectively. Additionally, having pinpoint accurate sectional data is a lot more reliable than trying to clock multiple horses at once, in the dark, on unfamiliar tracks. I’ve found the XV3 model easy to use, reliable and hassle free.

I would not train as well without the information and feedback that E-Trakka provides. From stride length to recovery, maximum HR, and peak speeds, it helps me assess my horses and tailor my training programs to get the very best results. E-Trakka has been a key component to elevating my strike rate to 20-40%.

If I had not had the E-Trakka data, I would not have been as confident going into the race. I knew I had left no stone unturned.” Grp 1 winning trainer of Duais in the Queensland Oaks 2021

I have been using E Trakka in my stable for the past two years and have found it to be a most useful training aid. With regular readings on horses in work I am able to get a line on their progression and level of fitness through any given preparation. Pre exercise heart rate variations… Read More

This impressive system allows the racehorse trainer to monitor with remarkable precision the horse’s physiological response to training.

E-Trakka is a great tool and has helped me immensely since we implemented it. It is user friendly and the information I receive is extremely informative, the real time feed is also great.

E-Trakka is quite a popular tool in most stables in Australia these days. It’s a scientific saddlecloth that we use on the horses to be able to get a guide on their fitness levels, and their heart and lung capacity and it certainly gives accurate times when they gallop.

During my career firstly in the Standard bred industry and now in the Thoroughbred industry, I have always been keen to further my knowledge and… Read More

E-Trakka with its ability to diagnose heart and motion and then correlate it to graph form really makes it easy for trainers to understand.