The E-Trakka® Cloud Based Software

The E-Trakka® Trainer Centre Software is the culmination of many years working with racehorse trainers in the field and developing the best ways to clearly represent the most important information. The “cloud” now provides so many functions and opportunities that the software will be rapidly advancing in the years to come, especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Equitronics has a very active software engineering department ensuring we are at the cutting edge of future developments and that you the trainer get the best software available.

However, the pure basics of fitness measurement such as peak speed, sectional times and recovery profiles will stay the same for quite awhile and it is the use of this information which has confirmed its relevance thousands of times over. Equitronics strength is in having seen so many examples we understanding which key points you should be looking for and enjoy passing on this general knowledge to you the trainer. See some of the examples after the software explanation.

Key Software Functions

  • A software program which shows daily, historical and comparison workout charts.
  • The software program also shows a list of key fitness and speed indicators
  • Session Replays
  • Cloud based software accessible from any device.
  • Advanced secure 4g communications and data.
  • Full time live streaming to any device.
  • Automatic creation and upload of training sessions.
  • Automatic summaries sent to pre-prepared email addresses or text link
  • Easy management tools to manage horses, units and owners.

The Software is used to:

  • Examine various measures of the horse’s performance during training
  • Replay sessions with speed and heart rate read outs
  • Inspect charts of speed and heart rate during a session
  • Assess the trends and variations in performance over several training sessions