Andrew Stuart (middle) receiving his Government innovation award

Before becoming a trainer Andrew Stuart was a jockey having had 420 rides for 55 winners before increasing weight halted his career. In his endeavours to learn as much as possible about racehorse training, Andrew spent three years with world renowned trainer Bart Cummings, “The Cups King”. After three months, Andrew was promoted to assistant foreman/travelling foreman.

Andrew had always been interested in high professional training and began his career with the use of heart rate monitors; Andrew also spent many hours studying modern sports medicine training principles. Andrew’s seventh runner in a race ran third in the Group One Western Australian Oaks. It was during this time that Andrew first started visualising the concept of E-Trakka. To attract funding to develop E-Trakka®, the concept of measuring fitness via heart rate combined with speed needed to be verified.

To do this, Andrew enlisted the services of Associate Professor of Sydney University, Dr. David Evans, a world renowned equine researcher. After 18 months of collecting data with the help of Dr. Helen Gramkow, Andrew was able to prove the concept to potential investors and in 2003 full research and development began on the system.

After two and a half years, twenty various engineers and many hurdles, the first pre production unit of the E-Trakka® system was produced. It is now sold around the world. Andrew’s main focus now is to show the racing industry the full potential of E-Trakka. A major learning revolution is about to start within the racing industry. Andrew is dedicated to helping and educating as many trainers and industry participants as possible.