Ahead of the 2021 Stradbroke Handicap, highly successful racehorse trainers, Chris Munce and Michelle Payne, were interviewed by 7 Horse Racing about using E-Trakka.

Hear what both trainers had to say about their experience using Australia’s most trusted equine fitness monitoring system.

Video Transcript

“Yeah, hi guys, we use what’s called an E-Trakka which is quite a popular tool in most stables in Australia these days. It’s a scientific sort of saddlecloth that we use on the horses to be able to get a guide on their fitness levels and their heart and lung capacity and it certainly gives accurate times when they gallop as well per furlong. So, it’s used via GPS in the sky, big brother, every furlong it’s able to be indicated how fast the horses went, at what speed – whether it be half pace, three quarter pace, or a fast gallop. So, these two patches here, they connect to the heart and lung areas of the horse which then obviously goes onto our graph which then gives accurate digital ratings for the horse’s recovery, length of stride, heart rate, lung capacity, and speed of what they go as well. So, it’s quite an important tool, we use it quite regularly with our gallops, and we’ve had quite a bit of luck with it.” – Chris Munce, Munce Racing.

Video Transcript

Journalist: “Fascinating insight there from Chris Munce. I know Michelle, you use E-Trakka as a way of help training your horses?”

Michelle: “Yeah, I love using them. One, it gives you a really good indication of how much work you’ve done – the stride length, so you know how well the horse is moving. I find it really interesting when you’ve had a horse worked on with the chiropractor and then you see it, it’s stride length sometimes improves half a length. So, it’s really interesting to see and I love using them for my track work.” 

Journalist: “So, it shows the freedom that they’ve now got now that the chiropractor’s worked on them, otherwise they’re a little short?”

Michelle: “Yeah absolutely, or if they’re just feeling any kind of pain they seem to shorten stride or if they don’t like a wet track and they prefer firmer ground, it’s just really interesting to see the variables.” – Michelle Payne, M J Payne Racing.

Videos courtesy 7 Horse Racing.

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