Since 2006 we have supplied E-Trakka® systems to other countries we have always been able to ensure users are trained and supported. Electronic communication systems make this an easy task. We also use Team Viewer should this be required.

Yes, we have cellular providers in all racing countries. E-Trakka XV3 can also work in at any training location in the world. If the track is not setup yet in our database we will set it up for you.

The XV3 module has a warranty of twelve months.

Very secure, advanced security of the cellular communications and web application mean only those with authority can view the information. Multi-site backups ensure security of data.

The E-Trakka XV3 system is completely serviceable by Equitronics. International freight allows for prompt transport between countries.

E-Trakka® produces user friendly reports which can be easily understood and applied with minimal training. New users receive training on the basic principles and then E-Trakka® users will receive a monthly training email explaining various aspects of the readings produced by founder Andrew Stuart. If you require additional help you can contact Equitronics for advice. Equitronics is strongly committed to ensuring that trainers get the most out of their E-Trakka® system.

E-Trakka® software is a very simple program to operate; many trainers with limited computer experience have learnt the program very quickly. The software follows similar protocols of other internet-based programs so only basic knowledge is required to get started.

The E-Trakka® operates with a simple on/off switch and then everything operates automatically. No configuration is necessary by the trainer. After a few simple steps E-Trakka works seamlessly within the stable. One of the strengths of E-Trakka® is its simplicity.

The heart rate and speed results are very accurate, speed is one of the best functions of GPS and the heart rate is extremely accurate. E-trakka® has been field tested across many racetracks around the world. Early issues with equine heart rates have been overcome with modern electronics.

One of E-Trakka’s® strengths is that it was designed by people that understand the industry. For instance the electronics are built in boxes that are used on ships and many components are of military specification. Equitronics understood that you could not provide a product of this nature that did not survive. Robust is the key word.

You get full use of the software with complete back up and protection of data. You get full time / real time mobile communication with advanced security. Automatic uploading of sessions. Automatic session reports via email or SMS link and a monthly educational email.

Full support is also provided as part of your subscription. Equitronics has a strong history of user support.

The XV3 electronics module along with the saddle blanket holder and two electrodes cost $3,600 plus GST if you live in Australia, this also includes the first three months of software subscription.

The subscription fee for the web application is $49 P/M per unit, billed quarterly in advance via approved credit card payments.